I’m Sure you can guess from the title of this blog post that I’m not back here to announce I’ll be writing again. This is the post where I tell you I’ve decided to stop blogging for good. I honestly thought I’d get to January & be chomping at the bit to write … More Goodbye 

Stepping Away

  Hi Guys. I just wanted to pop in & quickly tell you I’ve decided to step away from my blog for a bit. I thought I’d lost my words but it seems I’ve actually lost myself. Truth is I’m not coping very well with life lately. I’m not sure why but I keep trying … More Stepping Away

Self Care 101

Over the weekend my two little people & I became sick for the 1536th time this year. This bout of illness has truly broken my spirit. Last night, as I sat on the lounge rocking a crying lady, a few tears fell from my eyes. I am well & truly fucking exhausted! My body & … More Self Care 101

When Do We Stop?

I was driving along in the car, thinking about a situation that has been playing on my mind the last few weeks. It is quite possible I have totally made-up this situation in my own mind because I am a over thinker but there I was, driving, wondering how I can approach it when suddenly … More When Do We Stop?